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Pregnant cushion package

Pregnant cushion package is:

  • Ultra-flexible
  • Soft and pleasant leather covering
  • Lightweight: 10 pounds (4.5 kg)
  • Offers an adjustable ergonomics that conforms to the body’s shapes of the pregnant woman
  • Whether you are performing a therapeutic massage or pregnancy relaxation, your clients will remain comfortable and fully supported throughout the treatment.

Ideal also for:

  • Breast hypersensitivity after breast surgery
  • Abdominal pain after cesarean section or other
  • The massage to people more corpulent

Includes 8 adjustable pieces for optimal comfort:

  • 1 comfortable facial crescent cushion
  • 1 tilting headrest structure for maximum neck comfort
  • 2 installation cushions for the ankles
  • 1 main cushion that offers a simple adjustable for belly
  • 1 removable cushion for the breasts
  • 2 triangle cushions for support

ALSO INCLUDED: Carrying and storage bag

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