Ensemble d'Orthoblades 1, 2 et 3 - Outils de mobilisation myofascial spécialisés
Ensemble Sacs d'Orthoblades 1, 2 et 3 - Outils de mobilisation myofascial spécialisés


OrthoBlades Set

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Save by getting the complete set of OrthoBlades!

Discover this set of tools that will support you in many of your treatments.

OrthoBlade 1:

OrthoBlade 1 is a high-quality tool that is easy to hold, even for small hands. You can move smoothly to perform Knapp points well, work deeply on the Achilles tendon, or in combination with a piece of MyoFloss.

This stainless steel tool has a safe rounded tip that allows for effleurage maneuvers to reduce pain in lymphatic drainage.

OrthoBlade 2:

OrthoBlade 2 is ideal for effleurage maneuvers.

The use of the curved contour allows for sustained pressure on the muscle tissue without too much effort. It is effective to use between fingers and toes in cases of tendinitis or sprains.

The other concave side is very convenient for the trapezius and Achilles tendon.

The tool also features a bottle opener.

OrthoBlade 3:

Easy to maneuver, this high-quality tool is the ideal companion for several specific situations.

With a weight that is easy on your hands and wrists, but capable of providing more pressure when needed, OrthoBlade 3 is an excellent choice for "round" muscles like the gastrocnemius (calf), thigh, trapezius, and glutes.

It is also well suited for "scanning" tissues.

Furthermore, you can let your weight work when using it.

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