Diffuseur aromatique TruMélange


Tru Melange Aromtherapy Fan Diffuser

The Tru Melange Aromtherapy Fan Diffuser has been specifically designed so that you can enjoy all the properties of essential oils, without altering their integrity, through the best method of diffusion, which is through evaporation in cold air. The Tru Melange aroma diffuser will only take a few minutes to suspend the olfactory molecules in the ambient air. Its ease of use allows you to change the essential oil in an instant. QUIET AND EASY TO USE. The diffuser is used to: Create personalized thematic treatments (relaxing, revitalizing, exotic, etc.); Create an olfactory decor; Relieve respiratory problems; Awaken the senses; Relax; Restore vital energy; Give the customer an incomparable sensory experience; Purify the air. Refill pads and adapter are included in the box. Also works on batteries. Warranty:1 year. The warranty does not cover the adapter.

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