Treatments and supplements



The DetoxiFit program is composed of 3 specific natural products:

Detox T +: Weight control and recognized powerful antioxidant

Detox R +: Natural diuretics

And Detox LS + A cholagogue with a mild laxative

Everyone has the benefit of doing Detoxi-Fit every year. To detoxify means to improve one’s quality of life. Not only on the physical plane, but also psychically and emotionally.

Periodic cleaning of the body allows the elimination of toxins that accumulate, creating unpleasant symptoms (heart aches, headaches, lack of energy, etc.) and sometimes lead to disease.

For more information, consult the product data sheets of the products that make up Detoxi-Fit (Detox LS +, Detox R + and Detox T +)

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