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Dermo-Fitness Serum


This natural Dermo-Fitness Serum with phytoaromatic properties and disinfiltrating properties of adipose tissue is exceptional.

Thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients, this product helps to effectively dissolve the cellulite overload and prevents its reappearance. Its effective lipo-reducing ivy extract initiates the destocking of the cellulite and the drainage of the infiltrated zones and reduces the inflammations and the excessive sensitivity of the tissues. It also stimulates cell renewal.

The skin then becomes satin and regains the invigorating effect of the tissu.

The Dermo-Fitness Serum is the first contributor in professional body care. Its sustained use ensures regional detoxification essential to a long-lasting result. It also seriously reduces the appearance of orange peel skin.

  • Anti cellulite
  • Slimming and reshaping the body
  • Reduces and modulates the amount of fat in the adipose tissue
  • Activates microcirculation
  • Stimulates cell renewal and targets the most affected regions
  • Facilitates the elimination of toxins
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