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Comfort-Table Treatment Table


Comfort-Table Treatment Table:

Designed for health professionals in biomechanics (Massokinesitherapist, Orthotherapist, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, etc.)

Your target clienteles:

  1. Semi-professional and professional athletes, families, physical and office workers, people with physical inactivity, asthmatics, cardiacs, people with health problems, accidents at work.
  2. Stressed people, amateur athletes, pregnant women.

Context :

Relaxation massages and biomechanical therapeutic treatments optimized for relaxation and:

  • Massages at your home
  •  in a private clinic
  • Massages in sports center
  • in a multidisciplinary center
  • Massages in a spa
  • etc.

Warranty: 10 years against all manufacturing defects of metal parts of the structure.

Features: See technical sheet (PDF)

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