Ensemble de ventouses PROCup Arthro
Ensemble de ventouses PROCup Arthro
Utilisation PROCup Arthro
Ensemble de ventouses PROCup Arthro


PROCup Arthro Vacuotherapy Kit

PROCup Arthro is a set of suction cups of different volumes for professional and personal use. Indications for the PROCup Arthro set: Ideal for muscles and very effective for small joints Improves mobility, flexibility and sports performance Increases circulation & Qi (CHI) energy Releases and restores fascia (connective tissue) Helps reduce inflammation, muscle and joint pain Activates lymphatic drainage (detoxification) Reduces recovery time after sports or other activities For static and dynamic use The PROCup Arthro kit contains: 2 suction cups of medium size 4 small suction cups Instructions for use


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6636217368745///PROCup Arthro Vacuotherapy Kit:$47.50|