When the stress of Christmas snowballs … WHAT IF?

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28 November 2018

You are reading these lines now because the word stress resonates with Christmas in your head. Nope! The anxiety factors of the most beautiful feast of the year did not magically disappear with the resurrection of Jesus at Easter.

Christmas can actually be a stressful time both physiologically and psychologically. A surprising number of elements can, in fact, lead to increased stress. We are thus rather far from the promise of a Christmas full of joy.

Christmas music
Charming at the end of November, it can literally make us lose our joy on December 21! For American psychologist Linda Blair, repeated exposure to Christmas music could result in additional energy expenditure … yes, to disregard music and get to focus on our usual tasks.

Then we arrive at the time of festivities exhausted by this musical overstimulation. We are simply bombed!

Christmas lights
We did not suspect it, but yes, they can indeed create a potentially harmful result on our brains. While the hours of sunshine are significantly reduced during the holiday season, our exposure to the bright lights of the Christmas decorations is in full swing.

It would have been shown, however, that rapid changes in luminosity changes would be one of the worst stimuli to which the brain could be exposed. OMG!

Holiday preparations ($$$)
Everyone agrees to associate more tasks with increased stress. After all, the tree will not decorate itself, the gifts will not appear miraculously packaged under the tree any less than the house will self-organize to receive our 15 hungry guests … and the turkey will not stuff itself in the grocery cart.

Preparing for the holidays can easily become a crazy race through a schedule already optimized by the recurring demands of our modern life!

We can not ignore the countless debits made in our checking account. We will move quickly on this stressor because it can make anyone completely nuts …

The excessive expectations
While we arrive tired to uncle Gilles and aunt Solange’s party, difficult then to reproduce the traditional image of the perfect Christmas party. On the other hand, in the imagination of people, Christmas consists of sharing in peace and joy a hearty meal around a table carefully decorated with style while the fire crackles in the fireplace and white snowflakes fall gently on the illuminated tree.

Because yes, in the era of social media, we tend to compare. We can all witness the Christmas efforts exhibited in our virtual communities. I really have to buy new decorations for my tree. The one of this person is way more beautiful! And we start to declare who had the most beautiful Christmas! They look happy on their family picture. The lucky ones, they rented a log cabin! OMG did you see her beautiful dress!

Honestly, what I find the hardest of our modern holiday times … See the kids barely get their eyes off their cell phones and be jaded at all that is going on around them. Since Christmas has become a commercial holiday, it is hard to find the magic!

What if…
What if through this overstimulating period we refocused on the essential?

What if we thought of those who have no one with whom to share these festive moments to realize that the joy is indeed in the simple fact of being surrounded.

What if we imagined celebrating Christmas with the burden of an incurable disease and knowing that it was the last one we shared with our children and our grandchildren.

What if we gave ourselves the chance to be imperfect in this holiday season and that we presented ourselves as we are, without artifice or exuberance.

What if we took the time to take a break in this year that ends and has been the result of hard work.

What if we turned on our diffuser of essential oils and we enjoyed a good hot bath.

Christmas would then take on a different meaning.

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