When the stress of Christmas snowballs … STOP!

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27 November 2017

The countdown has begun

That’s it, there are 4 weeks before Christmas. The end of the month has arrived quickly in recent times and your finances are not at their best. Even so, your gift list is long, long, long. Expectations have developed over time and no question of disappointing your little darlings or arriving empty-handed at your host’s!

Receive with great pomp

Preparations for Christmas Eve dinner are endless. You are responsible for the family reunion this year and you must develop a menu worthy of your sister-in-law Simone. Your house needs a little refreshment. After all, you only get in touch with your in-laws once every three years, you want to them to have an eyeful! Oops, that’s right, you have to think about making the tree!

Be beautiful

You took a few pounds and the zipper of your little black dress no longer goes up. Oh no! You have to lose a little ten pounds fast, fast, to not look like a Christmas ball. If you do not melt like snow in the sun in four weeks, you will not have a dress to wear. Tic-Toc-tic-toc. Focus! We cut the sugar now and hop! we embark on our exercise clothes! With determination, you can do it!


Maximize your schedule … and be productive

This year, you received two new invitations: one from your new neighbors, who make a potluck on December 26, and one from your cousin in Rivière-du-Loup, on the 31st. You have a Christmas dinner at mom’s the 25th, but you are free on the 26th.

It would seem crazy to refuse the invitation, especially since your neighbors will see you at home. By accepting the invitation, you are commissioned to bring Karaoke, make a tropical punch and concoct small sausages wrapped in bacon. No problem! It promises as an evening!

As for the party at your cousin in Rivière-du-Loup, you absolutely can not miss this because it may be the last time your great aunt MéMé will be partying. You have another family reunion on January 1st, but if you come back early from Rivière-du-Loup, you will have plenty of time to assemble your crown of shrimp and cook your traditional plum-pudding in time for your New Year’s party!


Come to grips with your To-do list

Time goes by and the things you strip off your “to-do list” are less than what you add to it. Not to mention that you have to go shopping at the end of the week otherwise it will not go until Thursday evening, after your whitening appointment at the dentist!



Stop! That’s enough! Take a big breath! Realize with gratitude that you are alive and your dog is taking a nap on your carpet. Take off your exercise shoes, because you have to be realistic: the chances that you lose 10 pounds in three weeks (plus the two that you took in the last week because of stress) … are low to almost impossible.



Sit comfortably on your tired sofa, but -oh! how comfortable, and admire your balding Christmas tree. “Something rustic,” you say. Especially since the Christmas balls would have invariably made you think of your waist!


Blame the post … why not?

Play the card “I’m sorry, I ordered your gifts online and they have not arrived yet … There was a mistake of address and parcels were found in China instead of Lachine. I give you news as soon as I receive them, but I warn you, it may be long. Problem fixed! Not to mention that your little darlings will receive so many gifts between December 24 and January 1 that they will end up forgetting yours!


Put on some sparkles

Keep in mind that they will remember the good gingerbread cookies that you gave them because you decorated them with a lot of sparkles! Five dollars of sparkles investment and that’s it!


Pretend you have a gastro

As for the party of neighbors, there is nothing better than the good old excuse of a latent gastro! In addition to being hyperconscious that your discomfort has been detected in time, they will find you very respectful of being deprived of such a beautiful evening for health concerns. What a spirit of sacrifice!


Testify some love to your family

As for your great Aunt in Rivière-du-Loup, you will not miss it for anything in the world. Okay, Christmas is the feast of little Jesus and overconsumption, but in reality, in the Quebec tradition, it is first and foremost an opportunity to spend time with family and to show our love to our loved ones.

A short drive to see a great aunt who is ready for the big trip is not negotiable. No time for the plum-pudding, a good old frozen cake will do the trick!


Don’t be part of the statistics …

What makes people stress at Christmas time

These scenarios may seem crazy, but unfortunately, the stress of Christmas is not a fable. It does exist! A survey conducted among 1010 Quebecers, from October 2 to 4, 2017, reveals that one in two young adults experiences Christmas stress.

For 32% of them, stress comes from budget overruns, while 25% are concerned about finding the perfect gifts. What’s more, 17% of young adults surveyed feel stressed due to lack of time while 13% of them feel they have too much to do during the holidays. (Light, 2017)


The dilemma!

Now you decide how you will orchestrate your holiday season. How much stress will you put on your shoulders? If you choose for the stressful option, stay in shape and, most importantly, avoid the flu! Have a morale and an iron will. Sleep well and take out your credit cards!

However, if you need help to get through this period without the stress, you can put all the odds on your side and opt for our supplement NergyForm! Because to survive the holidays, you have to be strong! On this, Merry Christmas and happy new year! Psst! By the way, for the extra pounds accumulated during this good time, we have an excellent DetoxiFit fitness program available!



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