The muscle stimulator, a tool for muscles specialists

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25 April 2017

The muscle stimulator emits a pulse across each rubber plate, a pulse comparable to that transmitted by your brain. This impulse forces the muscle to move, resulting in energy consumption.

Electrostimulation is actually based on using a very weak electrical impulse to stimulate and relax the muscles. This results in a “passive” exercise of the muscles that receive the message of contracting and relaxing. In “active” exercises, muscles are controlled by the brain. Modern technology, therefore, uses a principle known for hundreds of years to tone and relax muscles, as you would during exercise.


Benefits of the muscle stimulator :

  • Relieve muscle pain and stiffness
  • Tone the muscles;
  • Eliminate excess fat;
  • Stimulate the blood circulation;
  • Activate the metabolism and restore normal functions;
  • Helps relieve nervous tension and depressive symptoms
  • Body remodelling.

Electrostimulation is therefore recommended for :

  • Muscle tension and pains;
  • Rheumatic pains;
  • Weight loss, fitness;
  • Circulatory disorders (venous insufficiency, varicose veins, heavy and tired legs);
  • Nervous disorders such as stress;
  • fibromyalgia;
  • Muscle rehabilitation.


Benefits of the T.E.N.S. :

  • Anti-inflammatory by increasing local blood circulation;
    – Anti-pain (stimulates endorphin, the theory of Portillon)


T.E.N.S. is therefore recommended for :

  • Acute and chronic pain;
  • Relief of post-traumatic and post-surgical acute pain.
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