The impact of music on pains

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28 April 2017

Music, a soft solution

One study showed that patients suffering from chronic pain were attenuated by listening to music for an hour a day. The attenuation could be of the order of 21%.

Depressive states associated with pain also had a regression of about 25%.

For the needs of the study it was asked to a third of a group of about sixty people, suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or chronic spine problem, to listen to their favorite music using headphones. The second third had to choose among pieces of relaxation music. The last third, had no music.

According to the author of this study, between the first and second thirds, few differences were noted. The regression of pain was almost identical. Which was not the case with the third party.

These results are encouraging, given the difficulty of treating these chronic pain with medication.

Other studies done in the past have already demonstrated the virtues of music on anxiety, depression, and post-surgical pain.

The music also accentuates the quality of sleep.

This is one more reason to use relaxation music in our work areas as an atmosphere and during our massage therapy treatments!

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