The ABCs of vacuotherapy

30 October 2018

The more you learn about vacuotherapy, the more you want to put it into practice. We want to try it, to experience it, to see the benefits. The idea of massaging with these small objects becomes almost an obsession.
But how is it that suction cups are now so popular? Why do stars and athletes proudly show off brands? In short, why are they so attractive from a therapeutic point of view?

The origins of vacuotherapy

First of all, you should know that the use of suction cups is not a recent phenomenon. It can be traced in traditional Chinese medical literature from as far back as 3000 years ago.

It was believed at that time that diseases could be removed from the body by suction. Cupping was used in addition to traditional medicine to relieve a myriad of health problems such as pain and pulmonary tuberculosis.

But how do the suction cups work?

When a suction cup is applied, a suction effect occurs on the skin and it is lifted.

This results in an increased vascularization phenomenon which frees the accumulations of liquids in the tissues and causes their evacuation. This stimulates the elimination of toxins and blood circulation.

As a result, dilation of the pores and blood vessels takes place, leaving red or blue marks on the skin. It is also this principle of hyperthermia that is sought after and desired in vacuotherapy.

It should be known that this suction effect is impossible to reproduce with the hands, hence the peculiarity of a cupping treatment.

The effects of vacuotherapy

It goes without saying that this process becomes very interesting to reduce tissue adhesions, evacuate inflammation, release spasm or muscle contractures, fights against cellulite, promotes lymphatic drainage, softens and reduce the appearance of scars, relieve pain, etc.

Cupping is also used to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin of the face. Applied in this region, they can also be of great help to people with sinusitis and headaches.

At the neurological level, the application of suction cups significantly increases the secretion of endorphins. It also decreases brain activity and, consequently, reduces anxiety.

In addition, cupping stimulates the immune system by promoting the creation of immunoglobulin, lymphocyte and cytokine. These effects are therefore beneficial for relieving conditions such as shingles, facial paralysis and cervical osteoarthritis.

We can, therefore, find in all of these explanations the answers to the great popularity of vacuotherapy. Since the effects of vacuotherapy are fast and visible, it is not surprising that it has become the technique of the day. Here. You now know the best-kept health and beauty secret of the stars!

SOURCE : Cupping therapy for acute and chronic pain management: a systematic review of randomized clinical trials

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