Psst! The secret of the BIOTERRA skincare range revealed

Benefits of natural products
27 June 2018

 Yes! Peat, well present in all of BIOTERRA Skincare!

How do you feel after applying a Bioterra peat mud mask? What a feeling of happiness! The skin becomes revitalized, clean and so soft.

But what gives this 100% natural product so many beneficial properties?


The peat so fabulous? The story of the man of Tollund

First of all, you should know that the benefits of peat mud are not new. In 1950, the astonishing discovery of a mummified body (the Tollund man) dating between 375 to 210 BC. J.-C. opens the reflection on the properties of conservation of the mud of peat.

Will you believe that the body of the man of Tollund is so well preserved that scientists even manage to know that his last meal was made of barley!

The proof is there, the virtues of peat are exceptional.


At the origins of the Bioterra skincare product range

Thus, when Clinique Lafontaine is considering launching a range of products for wellness professionals in the field of health, the company wants to put the impressive properties of peat mud to contribution.

But no question of being just another product on the market.

So, research is done to provide exceptional mud. The conclusions drawn from these experiments favour a sterilization process commonly used in agribusiness. Called micronization, it allows to keep intact the natural and effective ingredients of the mud and to produce a raw product of superior quality.

There you go! The basic ingredient of the Bioterra product line is born.


Bioterra: a question of time

Knowing that peat mud preserves the effects of time, the development team pushes the concept of time even further to create products so captivating that we will have the impression that time stops when we use them.

Moreover, the team puts its energy into developing treatments that will have maximum effect in a minimum of steps, which will save time!

In summary, to be at the height of Clinique Lafontaine, the BIOTERRA range must succeed in:

1. Stops the effect of time on the skin and the body

2. Gives the feeling to take time for yourself

3. Save time by minimizing your routine with product performance.


With the addition of micronized mud and essential oils to its range, Clinique Lafontaine has risen to its challenge. It has put on the market a range of products that can recreate professional care at home for a fraction of the price.

In addition, for wellness professionals, it is the pleasure of working with products from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals that is at the heart of the aims of the range. In addition, they feel so good that the entire limbic system is put to use.

Softness and performance

On sale for more than 10 years, the Bioterra range of products can boast of powerful ingredients and soft enough to suit all skin types.

For example, take the lavender essential oil contained in Replenishing Hydrating Cream.

The addition of lavender makes it a multipurpose cream that can be used as much in facials as to help relieve sunburn, burns, insect bites, diaper rash and also serve as After-shave!

Over time, those who have tried BIOTERRA skincare have become followers. See how the natural properties of Replenishing Hydrating Cream. work to maximize the benefits of care!


To learn more about this superb skincare range, click here!






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