Muscle cramps: 2 easy techniques to relieve them!

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27 March 2018

All those who suffer from muscle cramps have only one desire: that they disappear! When they occur, it is impossible to ignore them because they are so intense.

They often spoil our training and cause insomnia. Their pain can be so intense that muscle cramps can become really disabling.


The famous muscle cramps, what are they?

First, to define muscle cramp, let’s say it is an involuntary contraction of the muscle. The cramp is intense and does not last long, unlike the contracture which will be of less intensity and last longer.


Factors predisposing to muscle cramps

Lack of sleep, dehydration, a diet deficient in magnesium, calcium, and potassium can be easily pinpointed, as well as aging as a common cause of muscle cramps.

Lack of flexibility and a sedentary lifestyle are also factors that can provoke them.

Taking certain drugs on a daily basis such as statins, neuroleptics, diuretics and corticosteroids are also factors that cause cramps.

On the sporting side, heat, unstable ground, poorly fitting sneakers, bad stretching and too much training frequency and duration may be likely causes.


How to avoid them

As you can see, muscle cramps have a variety of origins. Tips, such as stretching well, maintain a good physical condition and ensure a sufficient intake of trace elements, are to be advocated.

In addition, having a quality sleep and bet on a varied diet, are excellent shields against these unfortunate cramps.


2 easy-to-do techniques at home to relieve and prevent muscle cramps:


1. Self-massage of the leg muscles with a roller

There are tips to prevent and treat cramps. Self-massage of the leg muscles with a roller is excellent.

Ideally, this exercise should be done one leg at a time and on all sides of the leg, starting at the calf and progressing in sections.

This is to let the roller slide under the affected leg area while maintaining the weight on the other leg so as not to put increased pressure on the wrists and arms.

Be careful, however, to carefully distinguish between a pain that is good for you or not. If it is a question of a pain that hurts, stop the exercise immediately and consult your orthotherapist!




222Self-massage of the sole of the foot with a tennis ball


To regain flexibility in the foot, try to massage the sole of the foot with a tennis ball. It is an easy exercise to perform, but it can help to regain mobility in the foot and stretch the muscles of the leg.

Act as if you are painting the underside of the foot with the ball by applying good pressure and moving from the front to the back and then to the sides. One minute per sole of the foot is enough.

To check the effectiveness of this exercise, start by touching your toes with the tips of your fingers. Do this exercise again after performing the exercise with the ball to see how much your flexibility is improved!



What? Soap?

For those whose muscular cramps occur at night, there is a grandmother remedy that involves filling a nylon stocking with Marseille soap and placing it in the bed, under the sheets, at the feet.

For those who prefer to keep their soap to wash, then try the Myoligo supplement containing calcium and magnesium. In addition to relieving muscle cramps, whether they occur at night or during your training in the race, this supplement will help reduce the risk of osteoporosis or slow down its progression.

Good night or good race!

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