Afraid to put on your bikini this summer? Lose weight by decreasing your stress level!

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26 February 2018

The coming of the month of March rings a big bell for women. We start thinking about the summer holidays, the cottage we are going to rent, the quality time we spend with children and Bang! We suddenly think about what we’re going to look like on the beach in our beautiful bikini. We must lose weight.

The panic button is on

Now our alert process is triggering. So we start counting the number of weeks we have left to get back in shape. Of course, we hope for a late summer so that it gives us more time! But our reason catches up with us:  remains exactly 12 weeks before June.

This is where the calculations begin. 15 pounds divided by 12 weeks = 1.25 pounds to lose per week. I’d really like to be in your head right now because I’m sure you’ve done that calculation before, or you’re doing it right now!

Stress = fat

Warning! With such an attitude, you could indeed take a few extra pounds. Studies show that cortisol, the stress hormone, is fattening. The fact is that we are programmed to react to stressful situations. In the past, this was reflected in the constant threat of falling face to face with a predator. This resulted in increased levels of cortisol and adrenaline. This surplus of fast energy, therefore, allowed us to run our fastest so as not to be devoured.

Today, stress is lived daily. The threat is not felt punctually as in the case of the escape of a predator, but constantly. This leads to an increase in cortisol which,  raises the blood sugar level. And what happens next? The insulin level increases and the sugar is stored as fat.


Accept yourself as you are

That’s why stressing about getting into your bikini will not solve your problem. Instead, adopt the opposite approach. Instead of stressing, accept yourself as you are. Adopt a meditation program, make sure you have a restful sleep and promote a caring attitude towards yourself.

Make yourself feel good

Those who work in health, beauty and wellness know how good a detox, a mud bath and the application of good creams are good for the body. Add essential oils on top of all that and your mind is invigorated!


It may sound cliché, but true beauty emanates from within. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who feels good about herself. So, if feeling good about yourself involves a fitness program. Do it! If it means losing a few pounds. Try to reduce your sugar intake and increase your fiber intake! Drink a lot of water! The magic will act on its own. No need to put pressure on yourself.

Get help from nature

You can also let nature do some of the work for you. Herbal medicine helps improve the functioning of organs and makes it easier to eliminate accumulated toxins. At the topical level, caffeine has proven to be an essential active ingredient in slimming products. Among other benefits, it activates the destruction of fat and decreases water retention.

Destroying fat through massage therapy

In massage therapy, the techniques of kneading, palpation-rolling, friction and crushing will, in the first place, dissociate fat deposits. Second, a slower, smoother phase will drain the waste generated by the destruction of fat through palpation-rolling and deep-seated pressures. Add a slimming serum and this treatment will make you feel light like air!

Achieving goals in happiness and joy

As you can see, there are various gentle and natural methods to achieve your bikini goal. By grace, do them in an attitude of well-being and joy. Love yourself as you are first and set yourself realistic and fun goals. And most importantly, remember that stress is your enemy!

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