A therapeutic bath, an asset in a treatment!

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25 April 2017

Since ancient times, therapeutic bathing applications have demonstrated their beneficial effects on relaxation. Today, we resort more and more to the baths to relieve various affections.

Here are the most effective therapeutic baths with a description of their uses to facilitate your choice in the clinic. Since these items can be used at home too, they provide excellent complementary care to sessions with the professional.

Sea salt: great anti-stress

The main benefit of these crystals melted in a hot water bath is to relax the muscles after sustained or excessive effort, neutralizing the effects of lactic acid that accumulated during exercise and makes the muscles painful.

Sea salt also helps to:

  • Relax the nervous system – effective against fatigue, nervousness and stress
  • Fight against aches
  • Prepare the fabric for a deep massage
  • Recover after a treatment or sports activity
  • Exfoliate and revitalize the skin – leave the skin smooth and soft
  • Preserve the balance of the skin
  • Disinfect and decongest

Peat mud: Anti-pain and effective anti-inflammatory

Peat mud has the extraordinary property of slowing the effects of time on the body. In addition, its high content of humic and fluvic acids, as well as minerals, has powerful detoxifying and remineralizing effects that help to maintain or regain a healthy body.

Peat mud also helps to:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Eliminate interstitial toxins
  • Remineralize and energize the metabolism
  • Naturally stimulate the process of return to good health
  • Relieving inflammatory and neurological diseases
  • Soothe, relax
  • Improve sleep
  • Prevent body aging

Algae: Excellent Body Care

Rich in trace elements, amino acids and vitamins, algae are known to have detoxifying properties. Undeniable allies for weight loss cures.

Algae also help to:

  • Firming the tissues
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Eliminate interstitial toxins
  • Remineralize
  • Relieving physical and intellectual fatigue
  • Relieving skin problems

Adding the right therapeutic element to your bath provides visible, lasting and measurable results.

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