A little history of Thai herbal ballotins

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25 April 2018

The ballotins massage: since the 14th century!

Thai herbal massage has been practiced in Thailand since the 14th century. In its early days, it was reserved for kings as well as important personalities of the Ayutthaya court which was the capital of ancient Thailand.

The inventor of this technique, Shivago Komarpaj, believed so much in his technique that he professed it to wounded soldiers. The Thai ballotins massage was then imposed because of its effectiveness in relieving and accelerating the healing of soldiers’ wounds.

That’s how Thai herbal ballotin massage became popular until it became the star of Western spas and massage clinics in recent years. But what makes it so attractive?


Hummmm….the smell of herb ballotins

The first answer to this question is undoubtedly the smell. Remaining intact since the 14th century, the herbal blend of the ballotin contains mostly camphor, Indian verbena, turmeric, prai, kaffir lime and tamarind.

Once steamed, the ballotin emits fragrances of Thai herbs filling the treatment room. That’s when the magic happens! What an olfactory journey! Which automatically plunges the clientele into a state of relaxation. I speak from experience!

But when the hot ballotins slide all over the body and the active ingredients of the essential oils of plants are released, we feel the real benefits of an ancestral tradition dating back centuries.


Therapeutic virtues

Ballotin massage is a well-being experience with therapeutic virtues thanks to the different properties of the plants whose assimilation is favored by the heat and the pressure of the ballotins. Not to mention that the fabric with which they are made acts as a skin exfoliator.

Furthermore. When used on the face and neck, the ballotins massage provides a lifting care and a natural anti-wrinkle. While for those suffering from back, leg and foot pain, the heat and the effect of the herbs provide quick relief!

For those who remain skeptical, see for yourself the virtues for which these plants were selected by the Thai masters!


• camphor for its antimicrobial properties
• Indian verbena to reduce inflammation
• turmeric because it is anti-bacterial and softens the skin
• prai, a Thai herb that reduces muscle and joint pain
• Kaffir lime that promotes blood circulation
• tamarind, which encourages the regeneration of cutaneous cells


The Thai ballotins massage undoubtedly improves blood circulation. It is also anti-septical, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. It is also easy to learn since it is practiced using only four techniques: stamping, rocking, pressing and rolling.


Herbal ballotins for the body … and the face

Also know that there are two types of packages: big and small. The small ones are used primarily for facials and are formulated differently to maximize the benefits to the skin.

So here’s a little story about Thai herbal ballotins. And you, what do you think of this technique?

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