9 tips to counter seasonal fatigue

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28 April 2017

It’s the classic mid-day energy drop and you do not see how you’re going to end the day.

One explanation would be a lunch too rich. When too much food is consumed during lunch, more blood is directed to the intestine to help digestion. That’s why you suddenly feel drained and without energy.

Others explain the drop in mid-day energy by our biological clock that would feel closer and closer to the end of the day and time to go to bed. Especially in autumn and winter when the light is low at the end of the afternoon because the temperature of our body tends to drop more when it is dark outside.
Fortunately, there are some effective ways to regain a decent level of energy in minutes. Here they are!


1. Change your socks

This one is easy. Keep a pair of socks in your drawer at the office. Apparently, putting on a new pair of socks in the middle of the day instantly gives you a sense of renewal and well-being. Try it!



2. Listen to music

Think about your favorite song and how you feel good by listening to it. Music has the power to give you energy by acting on our nervous system and putting us in a positive and productive state of mind.



3. Wear bright colors

Bring a colorful jacket or scarf to the office and wear them when you feel tired. We often underestimate the effect of colors on us, but they are very effective to give us back pep in seconds.



4. Wash your face

This morning gesture has a whiplash effect to wake up properly. Repeat it if necessary in the afternoon by splashing your face with very cold water that will activate your blood circulation and give you a feeling of freshness.

5. Make Jokes

Laughter has an anti-stress power and will also help you restore energy. In addition, we bet that your colleagues will be happy to laugh a little too.



6. Go to the gym

Try to go to the gym over lunchtime to break the fatigue effect in the afternoon. Rather than eating a meal that is too rich or unhealthy, you will be more likely to eat light and balanced and it is proven that exercise is ultra efficient to feel energized.

7. Clean up your workstation

Tired of watching your stacks of files and items lying around on your desk? Start your afternoon cleaning your workstation and tidying up. You will feel better for working afterwards.



8. Hydrate yourself

Get up from your desk and go for a walk to fetch a bottle of water. Hang with a few colleagues to chat for a few seconds. This will put you in a good mood and relax you. You will be more productive when you come back to your office.



9. Take a “natural booster” supplement

There are times in life when you need a supplement to give you a boost. Autumn fatigue, chronic fatigue and emotional exhaustion … the mineral supplement Nergyform is for you.

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