About Us

Established since 1964, Clinique Lafontaine is Canada’s largest specialty product distribution network dedicated exclusively to health, beauty and wellness professionals. Being also manufacturer of the majority of our products, this allows a quality control without compromise thus allowing the professionals to have products of high quality at very competitive prices.

Our Mission

To equip, support and educate wellness professionals with specialized products and equipment. The products and equipment are of high quality, efficient, natural, pharmaceutical grade, safe and they allow to obtain the best clinical results by sharing our expertise.




Why choose Clinique Lafontaine Inc. for your care line?

Because Clinique Lafontaine inc. offer exclusively:

  • Products tested in the laboratory to ensure purity, efficiency and freshness
  • Products that meet Health Canada standards
  • Monthly and seasonal specials not to be missed
  • Technical support by e-mail or phone free of charge
  • A 7 days out of 7 free ordering service over the Internet or on weekdays by calling 1-800-329-1304
  • Delivery of orders within 24 to 48 hours
  • An attractive website creating a demand for products to the general public with reference service among our professionals who use the products
  • New products every year
  • FREE training capsules!
  • Continuing to watch the international market
  • The products are not found in supermarkets such as pharmacies or health food stores … reserved for health professionals only.

1.Build loyal customers | You will keep your customers coming back because our exclusive products are only available to members;

2. One-Stop-Shop | You will find all the necessary products under one roof. One order, less hassle;

3. Field tested and approved | You will have peace of mind knowing that our products are standardized and have been clinically tested by professionals.

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We target students and health, beauty and wellness professionals such as: massage therapists, physiotherapists, orthotherapists, beauticians, massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths and naturotherapists.

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